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Flight Simulators

VR Flight Simulator

Fighter World and partner Applied Virtual Simulation, Newcastle, have joined forces to bring to you the ultimate Flight Simulator experience.

Journey beyond the real and discover what it’s like to be a Top Gun fighter pilot in today’s digital world. There are two packages available:
  • our fixed base simulator is suitable for ages 7+, starting from just $20 for 15 minutes,
  • for the ultimate ride, try our motion simulator with a complete F/A-18 Hornet cockpit. This package is suitable for those aged 12+, starting from $35 for 15 minutes.

All sessions are tailored to the individual by our experienced Simulator Operators.

Wear glasses for reading?

The VR headsets easily accommodate your reading glasses.

Reservations for these packages are essential. Contact us today to secure your session.

Fighter World would like to acknowledge the support of corporate sponsor Winwing.